Having a good time

This image was taken during a wedding anniversary. I think this was the first event I shot with my new Nikon D500 at the time. I "got my groove back" and started shooting events on a regular this year after taking a long hiatus from photography. I started documenting events approximately 10 years ago, so I'm not really new to it, but it feels new because I find myself trying new things and photographing events in ways I've never done before. For instance, I use off camera lighting at events when I can, and I shoot entire events in manual mode because it gives me more control over exposure and lighting. In addition, it forces me to think about light and how to manipulate it. I've looked at some of my past work, and I'm glad I decided to change and grow. I've learned so much in these past few months than I learned when I was actively shooting years ago. I'm grateful for my renewed love for photography. Here's to bigger and better things coming.