Sarah's 70th Birthday Celebration!

I documented Sarah's 70th birthday this past Sunday. I had also briefly attended another birthday celebration as a guest the day before. I've learned over time and confirmed on Saturday and Sunday that you can't be rule laden when shooting events or portraits in general. A photographer has to be fluid and adapt to different lighting situations very quickly. I started shooting full manual recently, and I feel more confident in tricky situations than I did when I was shooting events using the aperture priority mode. In addition, I'm more flexible and creative when it comes to exposures in my images. I plan to experiment with color temperatures in images as well. On another note, I've come to understand that you're allowed to be creative, but make sure you give the client who is paying you what he/she wants at the end of the day. Finally, marketing and business acumen is more important than how good you are in the photography field; It's a level playing field, and you can be the "best" photographer with no job, or an "average" photographer who is shooting everyday.